Local Subonly Mode (or similar)

You can create your own local subonly mode by ignoring all messages written by non-subscribers. This can also be applied to e.g. a manually curated list of users via the Addressbook. The ignored messages are collected in Channels - Ignored.

Features used: Ignore System, Addressbook, Custom Commands

Create Ignore Entry

Go to Main - Settings - Ignore and make sure Enable Ignore is ticked. Then add to the list (press the Plus-Button):

!status:smb chanCat:subonly

The status: prefix matches on messages by user status. The ! in front negates the effect, so in this case it ignores users that are not a subscriber, moderator or the broadcaster of the channel. See the Highlight help for more information on the status: prefix.

The second requirement for a match is chanCat:subonly, which requires the channel the message was send in to be associated with the Addressbook category subonly. This isn't quite necessary, but makes it possible to toggle this Ignore list entry per channel.

Toggle the Addressbook category

If you used the chanCat: prefix as shown above, you need to add the subonly Addressbook category to a channel. You can either use the Channels - Addressbook Dialog or an Addressbook Command. In both cases you have to add the channel, so including the leading #.

An Addressbook command to toggle the category for a channel would be:

/ab change #joshimuz !subonly

This toggles the subonly category for the given channel, so when the category is there, it removes the category, and when the category is not there, it adds the category.

Create Custom Command to toggle Addressbook category

To do this a bit more conveniently, you can add it as a custom command. Go to Main - Settings - Commands and add the following to the list:

/Toggle_Subonly /ab change #$(chan) !subonly

If you enter /Toggle_Subonly (you can enter e.g. /Tog and then press TAB to TAB Complete the command), this automatically toggles the Addressbook category for the channel where you entered the command ($(chan)).

To make this even more convenient, you can also add the Custom Command to the Commands - Channel Context Menu setting or trigger it via a button by adding it to the Hotkeys setting (selecting Custom Command as Action and entering the name of the added Custom Command).

Other uses

This could also be changed or extended to allow users manually added to the Addressbook. The Ignore entry could be changed to:

!status:smb !cat:allow chanCat:subonly

The cat: prefix requires the user to be associated with an Addressbook category, although in this case it is negated with !, so any user that has the allow category will not match the Ignore list entry, and thus their message will show.

Users can be added to the category via the User Context Menu (right-click on a user in chat) or the ways detailed in the other sections above (although in this case, unlike the chanCat: prefix, the user name must be added without a leading #).