The addressbook allows you to add usernames and assign categories to them, which can then be used in other places such as the Usercolor settings or the Highlight settings. Categories cannot contain spaces and are all made lowercase when added/loaded from file.

Editing Locally

The addressbook can be edited in several ways:


In addition to the addressbook dialog and user context menu, there are also some commands to edit the addressbook. All commands are prefixed with /ab (e.g. /ab add <name>) or alternatively /users (e.g. /users add <name>):

Categories are given as a comma-separated list without spaces, e.g. cat1,cat2,cat3.

The following commands edit all entries at once, so they should be used with care:

Command Examples

/ab add josh vip
Adds the category called vip to the user called josh
(Also adds the user to the addressbook in the first place, if not already there)
(josh's categories would now be: vip)
/ab set josh rainbow
Sets the categories of the user josh to rainbow, replacing any previously associated categories
(josh's categories would now be: rainbow)
(Also makes josh kind of colorful in chat, try it out with your own name Kappa)
/ab add josh vip
Adds the category called vip to the user josh
(josh's categories would now be: rainbow,vip)
/ab remove josh vip
Removes the category called vip from the user josh, keeping the other categories untouched
(josh's categories would now again be: rainbow)

Advanced Usage

The following features are a bit more advanced and should only be used if you somewhat know what you're doing.

Moderator Commands

You can use this to let the moderators of your channel edit your addressbook. Depending on what commands you allow them to use, this can be a powerful tool, so make sure you keep an eye on what your moderators do.

The following settings affect the this feature (you have to change them via setting commands):

Set this to the channel you want this enabled in. You can reset the setting to empty using the /clearSetting command to disable the mod commands again.
/set abCommandsChannel #yourchannel
A comma-separated list of commands you want the mods to be able to use. Commands can be anything that is listed in the Commands section above. So for example if you wanted to allow the add and set commands, the setting value would be add,set (no spaces).
/set abCommands add,set
Default value for this is add,set,remove.

If you set the settings accordingly, then the mods will be able to use e.g. !add name category to add name to your Addressbook with the category category. Chatty will output a message about the change, similiar to when you enter the command yourself. It does not send a message to chat, so if you want your moderators to see an actual response, you need to have Chatty on stream (which means the response is also affected by stream delay of course).

Save to file on change

If you enable the abSaveOnChange setting, the Addressbook will be saved to file on each change (like adding a user, changing a category). This can be useful if e.g. some other program is using information from that file.

Example: /set abSaveOnChange 1 to enable

Change Addressbook via file

This is a rather experimental feature, so it might not work reliably.

You can write Addressbook commands (one per line) to the addressbookImport.txt file in the settings directory (enter /dir to find out what your settings directory is). You can use any commands specified in the Commands section above, without the /ab or /users prefix (since it's already implied that they are Addressbook commands). For example:

add darthclide level1
change nightbot !vip
set testi ignore

To perform an import, enter the /abImport command and Chatty will read the file and execute each command as if you would have entered it in the input box. Information about the command results is output in the debug window (Extra - Debug window) and the debug log file.

You can also set the abAutoImport setting (/set abAutoImport on) and the file will be read automatically within a few seconds when it is detected to have been changed. You have to restart Chatty after changing the abAutoImport value for it to take effect. To make sure no data is lost, you should not write to the file too often, or else it may already be overwritten once changes are detected and the file contents are read and the commands performed.

It will also not be read automatically when you on start of Chatty, so you should only apply changes while Chatty is running or use the /abImport command to manually read the file once after start. If you only change the file while Chatty is running, manually reading the file should not be necessary.

Example: mIRC script to edit the Addressbook.

Somewhat unique categories

You can add somewhat unique categories to a setting, which means that only one user will have that category assigned, as long as you only use Addressbook commands to apply that category (and not the context menu or Addressbook dialog).

Use /set abUniqueCats star to set the category star as unique category. That way, only one user can have that category. What happens is that when using an Addressbook command like /ab add Jack star, it will first remove the star category from all other users and then add it to Jack.

If you want to have more than one unique category, you can separate several categories by comma: /set abUniqueCats star,gold

Automatic Subscriber Categories

This is an experimental feature that adds Subscribers automatically to an Addressbook category, depending on how many months they subscribed. This works on Subscriber Notifications in chat, so you have to be in the channel at the time of the subscription for it to work.

First you need to do some configuration:

The months represent the categories that are automatically added. For example if you configured the months as [3, 6, 12]:

Remember that this relies on the notification message to be in a certain format, so this may not be the most reliable thing, especially if Twitch decides to change the message in some way.