Create Shortcut (add Launch Options/Icon)

This applies to Windows 7, and probably other Windows versions. The info can probably also be applied to other OS with some adjustments.

You can create a shortcut for Chatty, which has some potential advantages (depending on what you need):

Note: If you used the installer a shortcut may already have been created for you.

Create shortcut (JAR-Version)

Create a shortcut to Java to start Chatty (for this example the Chatty.jar is located in D:\Chatty\):

First way

Second way

The javaw part might automatically be changed into the full path to the javaw.exe when you save the shortcut.

Create shortcut (Standalone Version)

For the Standalone Version you can use the same methods as detailed above (for example drag and release with the right mousebutton and choose the option to create shortcut), except that it simply starts the Chatty.exe (without javaw), for example: "D:\Chatty\Chatty.exe"

Editing shortcut

Add launch options or icon:

Use shortcut

You can then start Chatty by using this shortcut or you can drag it to the taskbar to attach it to it.