Standalone Version

The only difference between the regular JAR version and the Standalone lies in how it is started. The Standalone contains the Chatty.exe which executes the Chatty.jar in the app directory using the bundled JRE in the runtime directory, which removes the need for Java to be installed and ensures that Chatty is started with the same Java version it was compiled and tested with.


The Chatty.cfg is located in the app subdirectory (where also the Chatty.jar and other Chatty related files are).

Launch Options

You can add launch options to the Chatty.cfg under the [ArgOptions] section. These are given to Chatty when it is started. What you would normally separate by space goes on it's own line. For example:


The format has changed in newer Standalone versions, which requires a prefix on each line:


Note that for this file, backslashes need to be escaped. For this option you can alternatively also use forward slashes, which Java should understand.

When you specify any launch options on the commandline/in the shortcut, then the launch options in the Chatty.cfg are ignored.

JVM/Java Options

The [JVMOptions] section contains parameters that are given to the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) when Chatty is started. There should already be a few options there by default, for example:


These restrict the maximum heap (memory usage) to 400MB and disable Hardware Acceleration to reduce GUI issues.

In newer Standalone versions this needs to be under the [JavaOptions] section and also requires a prefix on each line: