SpeedRunsLive (SRL)

SpeedRunsLive is a platform dedicated to speedrunning and racing (live speedruns against other players). Chatty has an integrated race viewer, which lists all the current races.

Race List / Race Info [back to top]

Open the race list via SRL - Race List, which shows the current races. Right-click on a race to open a contextmenu with several options, double-click on a race to open the Race Info dialog.

Notice that the race list isn't automatically updated, unless you have a Race Info dialog open (which is automatically updated in a regular interval). If you want actual real-time information on races, joining the SRL IRC is a good option. The integration in Chatty is mainly supposed to make opening/joining race related stuff easier and to give a quick and easy overview of who is in a race you are watching (without having to open a website).

Find races with someone [back to top]

Use SRL - Races with.. to find races that the stream of the currently active channel you have joined is part of. This will basicially take the stream you have clicked on, search through all the current races and list all the races that have an entrant that has that stream set. If there is only one matching race, and you currently don't have the Race Info dialog open, then it is immediately opened. Otherwise the matching races are listed for you to select.