Report Issue

First of all make sure that you're running the latest version (Help - Check for update or GitHub Releases). Updating (including to a beta, if available) may already fix your issue. If not, then include as much information as possible in your report, such as:

If you don't include this information, it will be harder to help you.

The best way to report an issue is usually in the Chatty Discord, because you're not as limited in message length as on Twitter, there are other people there that may be able to help and you can easily upload screenshots or short videos. But if you prefer, Twitter and E-Mail are also available.

You can also open a GitHub Issue, which contains a template for reporting an issue which you should follow.

Please only contact me via one of the mentioned ways at a time. Reporting the same issue in several different places is just confusing and will probably hinder the solving of your issue.

Debug Log

Chatty is writing a debug log, which you can view in two ways:

Debug log files

The debug log files are located in the settings directory, in the subdirectory debuglogs. While Chatty is running you can use the command /openDebugDir to open it directly (or /showDebugDir to output it's path).

There are two kinds of debug files: