Admin Dialog

Change game/title | Run commercials

Open the Admin Dialog via View - Channel Admin or by right-clicking on the channel to open the context menu and choose Channel Admin.

In the Admin Dialog you can edit your title/game and run commercials, if you have allowed Chatty access (you need Editor Access/ Commercial access respectively, see allow more access).

The Admin Dialog is always opened for the currently active channel, unless there is no channel open (which is the case just after you started Chatty), in which case it will open for your own channel (you login with).

Change game/title

The Status-Tab lets you view and change the title and game of your channel. The information is loaded when you open the dialog and when you press the reload-Button. If others may have changed the info in the meantime, you may want to reload before trying to change it.

Select a game

Use Select game to open a dialog where you can search for a game and also add games to the favorites.

Select communities

Communities in Twitch are an additional category you can select for your stream. If you want to use a Community, you need to select an already existing one. As with games, you can add favorite Communities. Make sure to adhere to the rules when selecting a Community for your stream.


Status Presets allow you to store the current title, game and communities for later use. A status is automatically added every time you press the Update button (can be disabled in the History settings), but will be removed after some time of not being used. You can also add the current status to the favorites by pressing the Fav button, which means it is never automatically removed from the Status Presets.

Press the Presets button to open the Presets, where you can select a status (double-click to immediately use it) and filter by current game or favorites.

The Last Activity column shows when this status was last set using the Update button (or when it was added to the favorites for the first time). The Usage column shows how often it was set using the Update button.

Run commercials

If you are partnered with Twitch, you can run commercials on your channel here (even if you are not partnered it may run a commercial). Click on the appropriate button to try to run a commercial of the given length.

The Last run time shows when a commercial was last run through Chatty (this session).

Schedule commercials

There are two different ways of scheduling a commercial, either running a single commerical on a delay or repeating running a commercial on a delay. Select either or both options and then press a Run commercial button to schedule the commercial. Press the same button again to cancel the scheduled commercial. Click a button of another length to change the length of the commercial while keeping it on schedule. Scheduled commercials are not completely exact, they may be run a few sceonds too late.

If you have Use delay selected, then the commercial will be scheduled to run after the specified time. If you have Repeat selected, then - after each commercial run through Chatty - another commercial will automatically be scheduled to run again with the same delay. You don't need to have Use delay selected for Repeat to work, they just both use the same time as delay.

The time for the delay will be interpreted as seconds by default, but you can also specify minutes. Examples: 30 (30 seconds), 5m (5 minutes), 120s (2 minutes).

Run commercials via global hotkey

If you have downloaded the appropriate version of Chatty (the one with "hotkey" in the .zip filename, Windows only), you can define a global hotkey to run 30s commercials on the channel you currently have open. The hotkey can be defined on the Commercials tab in the Admin Dialog (don't forget to press Set to actually set it).

If you have the Admin Dialog open on the Commercials tab, then executing the hotkey will simulate a click on the 30s button, with all the implications like being able to use a delay, running the commercial on the channel that the Admin Dialog was opened on (instead of the currently active channel) and so on.