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Probably shorter guides about some aspects of Chatty.

Local Subscriber-Only Mode

You can create your own local subonly mode, which ignores all messages written by non-subscribers.

Features used: Ignore System, Addressbook, Custom Commands

Create Ignore Entry

Go to Main - Settings - Ignore and make sure Enable Ignore is ticked. Then add to the list (press the Plus-Button):

!status:smbaf chanCat:subonly

The !status:smbaf prefix matches on messages send by users that don't have any of the status levels defined, in this case users that are neither a subscriber (s), moderator (m), broadcaster (b), admin (a) or staff (f). So basicially this only matches on normal users.

The second requirement for a match is the chanCat:subonly prefix, which refers to the channel category subonly, which means the channel the message was send in needs to have that Addressbook category. This is used to be able to easily toggle subonly-mode for a channel, and of course to prevent it being enabled in all channels you join in the first place.

Create Custom Command to modify Addressbook

To make use of the Ignore Entry defined in the previous section, you need to add the subonly category to the channel you want to have it enabled for. To do this, you could open the Addressbook Dialog (Channels - Addressbook) and add the channel with the category there (channels need a leading # in this case, so e.g. #joshimuz).

You can however also use Addressbook Commands:

/ab change #joshimuz !subonly

This toggles the subonly category for the given channel, so when the category is there, it removes the category, and when the category is not there, it adds the category.

To do this a bit more conveniently, you can add it as a custom command. Go to Main - Settings - Commands and add the following to the list:

/Toggle_Subonly /ab change #$$1 !subonly

If you enter /Toggle_Subonly joshimuz, this will automatically run the Addressbook as mentioned above ($$1 means this is being replaced with the first word after the command).

To make this more convenient (entering the command with the correct channel could be a bit of a hassle), add the Custom Command to the Channel Context Menu (on the same page in the settings). Just click on Edit and add the command name (without any parameters):


Now if you right-click on a channel, the context menu that opens should have an entry Toggle Subonly, which you can use to turn your own local subonly mode for the current channel on and off.

Chatty for Streamers

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Join Eventchat

As of March 2016 Twitch doesn't use separate Event Chat servers anymore.

When you join a channel of a big event and you don't receive any (or few) messages, it's possible that the channel is on the Event Chat servers, not the regular Twitch Chat servers. It's a common problem to run into if you're not using the website (like any regular IRC client, Chatty and possibly mobile).

In order to join Event Chat in Chatty, you have to connect to a different server. See for an (unofficial) list of servers (make sure you choose the Event Chat tab and use a server/port combination that is marked as irc in the Protocol column).

Since Chatty can only connect to one server at a time, you either have to only join channels that are on the Event Chat servers, or run two separate instances of Chatty at the same time.

There are different ways of connecting to a different server:

If you want to switch between servers sometimes, you can create a custom command to connect to Event Chat so you don't have to enter the command with the IP and port manually every time. Go to Settings - Commands, add a new Custom Command and enter: /eventchat /server <server>:<port> (replace with the appropriate IP and port of course). Then you can just enter /eventchat in the inputbox (while not being connected) and it will connect to Event Chat and if you want to connect to regular Twitch Chat just connect regularly via the menu (and it will use if you didn't change the server settings).