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Streamlink is a commandline program that can be used to watch streams in a player like VLC Player. It has to be downloaded and installed separately from Chatty.

Note: Streamlink is a fork of Livestreamer and more up-to-date, but mostly works the same way. If you want to use Streamlink with Chatty you may have to change the Base command to streamlink (or, as with Livestreamer, put the whole path to the program if that is required in your case). Currently Streamlink appears to be using the same commandline interface, so everything should work as usual (after changing the Base command). If they do change the interface, changes in Chatty may be required.


You can open the Streamlink dialog that Chatty provides via Extra - Streamlink, where you can directly run Streamlink and change some settings.

Each time you open a stream via the dialog or a context menu, a tab is added to the dialog where the output of the Streamlink process is redirected to. If you open a stream with the same stream name and quality you already have open in a tab whose process isn't currently running, then that tab will be reused.

The tab of a stream is automatically closed when you close the Video Player opened by Streamlink, if the dialog isn't currently open. Otherwise you have to close it yourself by using the Close-button on the top right, which turns into an End process-button as long as the process is still running. The Retry-button can be used to re-run the last command of that tab (for example when it couldn't find the stream, but you want to retry now because you know it's come online).


The /livestreamer command can be entered into the inputbox or used in a Custom Command to run Livestreamer/Streamlink as configured in the Streamlink dialog.

/livestreamer <stream> [quality]
The stream is required, if no quality is given the dialog will open to be able to select it.
Instead of specifying a stream $active can be used to open the stream of the currently active channel.
Example: /livestreamer joshimuz best


The settings can be changed in the Streamlink dialog.

Enable context menu entry
Adds a Streamlink submenu to all context menus that can be used to open streams (for example right-click on channel, username or Live Streams dialog).
Show dialog when opening stream
Auto-opens the Streamlink Dialog when you open a stream out of a context menu.
Auto close dialog when starting player
Auto-closes the Streamlink Dialog when the text Starting player comes up in the log.
Context menu qualities
You can customize which quality options appear in the context menu. The options you enter here are directly given as a parameter to Streamlink, except Select which tells Chatty you want to select a quality in the dialog.
Separate qualities by space or comma, add a | (vertical bar) to add a separator to the menu.
Enclose qualities in brackets { } if you need to add commas, for example if you want to specify a list of fallback qualities.
Optionally add a display name for a group of qualities by separating it with a colon (:).
Base command (Streamlink path and parameters)
This must contain the Streamlink executable, including any commandline options that you always want to be included when running Streamlink out of Chatty.
The URL and quality are automatically appended to this when running Streamlink, so the overall command that is executed is build like this: <Base command> <url> <quality>.
You can use the variables $stream, $url and $quality in this setting (see Examples).
The default is just streamlink, which is sufficient if Streamlink is correctly included in the systems PATH variable, but you may also specify the full path.
Remember to surround the path or any parameters with quotes if they contain spaces, so the commandline knows they belong together.
Use Authorization (Twitch Oauth Token)
Tell Streamlink to authenticate at Twitch with your Chatty access token.
This option has been removed from Streamlink and thus also from Chatty.


Can't run Streamlink

If you get an error like Error: Cannot run program "<...>": CreateProcess error=2 [..], then Chatty probably can't find Streamlink on your system.

To solve this, first make sure that you actually have Streamlink installed. You need to install it on you own, it does not come bundled with Chatty. If you are sure it is installed (and you maybe can run it from the commandline just fine), you may have to tell Chatty the full path to the Streamlink executable for it to work by entering it in the Base command field. See the Settings section above for examples and help on that.