Guide: What to do when getting login fails

Use this guide when the normal procedure of getting login data fails.

Can't listen to port

If you open the Get login data dialog and it says it can't listen to the port, first check the following:

If you can't fix this problem and there are no other error messages that may indicate what is going wrong, then you can still proceed with opening the link by clicking on "Open URL" in the dialog (or this link, which has all permissions Chatty needs). Chatty won't be able to receive the token automatically (your browser will tell you that it can't load the page when you get to, so you have to read on in the next section, especially Manually add the login into Chatty.

The browser says it can't open the page after you authorized Chatty

If you successfully opened the link, authorized Chatty on the page and got redirected, but the browser can't open the page, first check this:

If you can't get the page to load, you can manually add the login data into Chatty.

Manually add the login into Chatty

The information you need should be in the address bar of your browser (where you got the error that it couldn't connect to the page). It should look something like this:[longish mix of letters and numbers]&scope=chat_login+channel_editor+channel_commercial+user_read

The access_token (longish mix of letters and numbers) is sort of a revokable password that lets Chatty use some of the Twitch services on behalf of your account. Copy that from the address bar, go to Chatty (close all dialogs if necessary) and paste it into the following command (that you type into the input bar):

/changetoken <the access token>

For example if the url looked like this:

Then you enter this in Chatty:

/changetoken abcdefghi12345abcdefg

After entering the command, Chatty will finish the process by checking the token and getting the username associated with it. If everything is ok, it should say that you are now ready to connect.

If you want, you can check in Main - Account whether the token you entered has the correct access associated with it.